About me   2022-07-07

I am Zitan Liu, currently a Master’s student at the University of Science and Technology of China, focusing on computer graphics under the mentorship of Prof. Ligang Liu. I will be graduating in June 2024. My academic journey also includes a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the same university, where I completed a thesis on algorithms for calculating greedy homology basis on piecewise linear surfaces.

My professional experience includes internships as a Software Developer Intern at Radeon Technology Group, AMD Shanghai, and as a Technical Artist Intern at Netease Games. I have co-authored papers on shader performance prediction and high-performance stream data processing.

I have worked on various projects, including:

  • Data-driven shader performance prediction (Link, Paper): Developed a context-aware, platform-independent shader performance predictor using a dataset and SPIR-V based shader instruction tracer.
  • USTC Verilog OJ (Link): Contributed as a major developer to this platform for training in digital circuit design and testing.
  • Apache Storm RDMA optimization (Link, Paper): Part of the champion team in the APAC Student RDMA Competition, focused on optimizing RDMA for inter-worker communication.

I am also deeply involved in extracurricular activities, having co-organized multiple editions of the USTC Hackergame and served as President of the USTC Students’ Amateur Radio Club. My broad interest in both computer science and electrical engineering drives my diverse project portfolio, which includes contributions to open-source systems and participation in competitive research and development teams.

In my leisure time, I enjoy exploring the intricacies of various software systems and participating in amateur ham radio.

Below are my Curriculum Vitae, if you’re interested.

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